TYPE: Guardian Shifter Servitor
FUNCTION: Protection, Banishment, Revenge


NAME: Cersei Lannister
BASIS: Game of Thrones


APPEARANCE: She is a lean woman with pale ivory skin, graceful, unmarred complexion.  She has golden hair, her bangs pulled into neat braids framing her head and the rest of her hair falling in soft waves down her shoulders and back.  Her eyes are a deep blue color, and she dresses in regal gowns and robes.  When she is not in her familiar humanoid form, she is in the form of a large white lioness with a gold marking above her eyes.  Her eyes in this form are the same deep blue. 


PERSONALITY:  Cersei is very sly, moving with practiced elegance and grace.  She is quite facetious, acting as she is expected to behave as she learns a situation, but formulating counterattacks in her mind.  She is tactical, persuasive.  She can be a master manipulator when she puts her cards right.  She is fiercely protective of the few she cares for, which can skew her perception of facts and situations.  There are no lengths too far to protect her companion.  She is an intellectual, strategic and happy to forsake any alliance or friendship when it comes to the safety of those she imprints on.


ABILITIES: Cersei is able to sense magick and energies, especially malevolent ones.  She can a very vehement protector, often following her companion if something has happened lately or anything seems wrong or worrying.  She is proficient with banishment, able to cast out energies and presences that are inhibiting or dangerous for you.  She is also excellent at revenge work, able to retaliate with clever ruses and tactics to give you some satisfying payback for any transgressions that bother you deeply.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Rubies, Garnet, Gold, Wine, Meat, 'Fancy' Cooking, Silk, Red, Rings, Diamonds



Cersei Lannister