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This divine hybrid came up with its own name. When I first discovered them, I was very intrigued to find out that their ancestry was primarily Blackwood Stags and High Elves. The High Elfen riders had a very close relationship with the stags, and some of them came to have these children. They are very attuned to the life around them - be it flora or fauna - and are quite peaceful and docile. Unlike their Blackwood Stag ancestors, they do not fight and live in peace with the world.


These elves have pale skin and softly glowing eyes, their hair black and black antlers growing from their heads.  Their bottom halves look a bit like the satyrs, however, instead of having the structure of a goat, they have the lean structure of a stag from the waist down.  They are almost always seen with a smile, and it takes a lot to push them to violence or protection.  I have also learned through close interaction that the piercings in their ears show their rank in the group and who does what for their ‘tribe.’


They are wanderers, and they love to travel and explore new areas that they’ve never seen before.  Everything new to them is a precious treat, and they will love and respect their keeper, their new home, and their new family.

Cervidae Elf

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