Communication with our Shadow and Higher selves isn't always the easiest thing, especially when things change in our paths and we have to find a new way to tackle everything before we're comfortable drawing forward our other selves, no matter how helpful their input is in the moment.


In this ten-card reading, I use a combination of regular cards and a baby card to not only ascertain how your other selves feel about your conscious self in the now, but also get some input from them on how to handle some situations impacting you right now.  It will also give them a chance to communicate what they feel your biggest concern is right now.


A Chaos reading will give you input from your Shadow Self, and a Control reading will give you input from your Higher Self.


Because of how Unstable Unicorns is constructed as a deck, I will not use duplicate cards in your reading and will draw on a card placement until a new card is revealed.

Chaos & Control


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