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The game of life is played by a fickle god with a six-sided die...


Throw caution to the wind and trust the dice to pick a suitable conjure for you. The roll of the three dice will dictate your conjure in three ways - the number of conjures, the elemental alignment, and the write-up length. There are three applicable dice - Blue, Purple, and White.


May the odds be ever in your favor...

Chaotic Evil Conjure

  • Blue Die

    Blue will determine the number of conjures - anywhere from one to six companions conjured for you, corresponding to the number the die rolls.

    Purple Die

    Purple will determine the elemental alignment of your conjures.

    One - Earth
    Two - Air
    Three - Water
    Four - Fire
    Five - Light
    Six - Dark

    White Die

    White will determine the length of your write-up(s).

    One and Six - Full Write-Up
    Two and Five - Short Write-Up
    Three and Four - Base Information