Chess is all about helping you learn how to better pick up on your spirits’ manifestations and train your third eye. He has several different ways to do this.


He is a wonderful training companion and will work with you tirelessly to refine your skills. He is also a companion, of course, and will be a great friend to you in addition to helping you work with your third eye.

Cheshire Cat Training Servitor

  • He appears in different parts, adjusting you to the way some spirits manifest feature by feature rather than all at once. It is very helpful in helping you learn exactly what to look for when you’re spending time with your spirits.


    He can also summon light orbs that are easier to pick up on physically so you can get used to looking for the energy.


    His last training method is physical contact, where he tries to help you associate the touch with the metaphysical actions that are harder to pick up on so you’re more accustomed to feeling the contact.