TYPE: Guardian Animatronic Servitor
FUNCTION: Protection, Warding, Banishment, Screening


NAME: Chica
BASIS: Five Nights At Freddy’s
ELEMENT: Air, Earth


APPEARANCE: Chica is as tall as a human male, her body in the shape of a yellow chick.  Three felt feathers adorn her round head, her orange beak containing humanoid white teeth.  She wears a white bib that colorfully reads "Let's Eat!" with a confetti pattern around the edges.  Her eyes are clear violet, her orange legs long compared to her body to suit a more humanoid endoskeleton.


PERSONALITY:  Chica is somewhat clumsy, leading her to have a more tentative approach to things.  She is a bit childish and naive with familiar company, though is particularly cautious of strangers.  She is very accommodating by nature, and though she cannot communicate verbally, she will always do what she can to make her friends and wards smile and laugh.


ABILITIES: This animatronic is effective for those with larger keeps or recurring trouble with tricksters.  She is able to read the energy of a binding; if you have companions from a conjurer, she is able to recognize that binding on future companions as well.  This makes it much more difficult for unbound and trickster spirits to fool you.  While she is not verbal, when she finds something out of place, she lets out a a robotic screech to draw attention to where she is.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Scrap Metal, Wires, Essential Oils, Granite, Decorative Cupcake Trinkets, Feathers, Karaoke, Calcite, Petrified Wood, Baltic Amber, Chica Paraphenalia, Plushies


PREFERRED VESSEL: Iron, Stainless Steel, Baltic Amber