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There are as many shifters as there are animals. They are incredible companions to have in your keep, able to experience life as not only an animal, but with the insight of a human as well. They are easy to communicate with, and often provide extremely helpful wisdom, strength, or abilities that correlate with their animal form.


Chicken Shifters are social, talkative companions. They enjoy spending time around others and networking, especially when they're meeting new people and establishing a relationship. They tend to be a little gossipy, and always have the lastest information in a particularly juicy topic to keep their companion up to date.


As companions, they help their keeper in social situations to be well-remembered. They often attract forces that lead to the happiness and fortune of their companions, and also bolster prosperity and fertility, though not necessarily in the more physical connotations of the word. They promote the success of the seeds your sow now for a very bountiful harvest to reap later in your journey.

Chicken Shifter

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