We all know about loyal butlers, strewn throughout pop culture. They are loyal devotees to their employers, and often keep the madness of managing the entire estate at bay. These Servitors were constructed out of a need to manage my own keep, to which end I have refined them over the past year.


These servitors manage your house rules, and communicate any changes with your keep. They also welcome new companions for you and explain the house rules when they get there. The Chief of Staff is responsible for learning your wards and keeping them energetically cleansed, as well as cleansing and filtering the energy of your space in general. They also learn your keep, and your companions' strong points. You may find that, over time, your companions will start coming to you when you need them before you call, as your new Servitor learns the patterns for what you need and when. They are ever changing to compliment your needs, and will be wonderful if you intend on expanding your keep.


You will get to decide your appearance and name, as well as your personality (though if you don't know what to do for a personality, I have a few suggested personalities that I have already experimented with and created).

Chief of Staff Servitor


    The Jeeves is unwaveringly loyal, never giving backtalk or sass. He offers wise counsel when asked, but is otherwise there to do as commanded. He is the picture perfect butler, doing what he is told and learning his duties quickly. He doesn't consider your business his unless you tell him that it is, and will not pry into matters that you would rather not involve him in.



    The Sebastian is a very loyal, devoted Butler who doesn't refuse his employer in the least. He is incredibly able, and will be at your beck and call in an instant when you need him. He is younger than most Butlers, but offers incredible insight before you make decisions. He will fully back any decision made, in spite of his own objections to the idea.



    The Alfred is a bit sassy, but is extremely loyal and devoted. He is quick to inform you when he doesn't agree with a decision, but will ultimately support you. He is rather open with is opinions, and will often inform you if your reactions seem a little overboard or if you're letting someone get away with too much. He isn't incredibly outspoken, though, and does know when to keep quiet.



    The Niles is an outrageous Butler, and it's hard to tell if he wants to be fired or not some days. He will defy his keeper if he feels it's for the best, but is normally pretty good about obeying orders. He is a riot, and will always look out for his keeper (in spite of a smart comment here or there). He is always looking to sabotage toxic people around you, and you may find him hovering around new people to get a good judge of them before he makes his decision about their character.