TYPE: Companion / Sensual
FUNCTION: Cleansing, Motivation, Emotional Grounding


NAME: Chloe
BASIS: Detroit: Become Human
ENERGY TYPE: Light-Grey Cusp


APPEARANCE: Of average human height with a slender build, Chloe has been described as “forever young and beautiful.” She has unmarred features and pale skin, her sandy blonde hair in a neat ponytail that she pulls over her left shoulder. Her eyes are a bright, clear blue. She uses minimal makeup, always done to perfection, the only feature separating her from a human being the bright LED on her right temple that is almost always bright blue. She wears a short navy blue dress with a slightly lighter shade of blue on the sides.


PERSONALITY: As the first android perfected by CyberLife, she is an obedient companion. She is incredibly lifelike, with barely any hesitation in a normal human response, but also is coherently aware that she IS an android, and not human. She has a bit of a doting personality at times, but is primarily subservient, as she manages everything you need assistance with, and learns quickly how to improve her functionality and use for you.


ABILITIES: She is a wonderful companion for cleansing especially. She is so very organized, and quick to do all she can for your space and your routine. She is also a motivator, and an emotional anchor. She encourages her companion to keep going toward their goals and dreams, supporting them in whatever they may decide to do. Perhaps her greatest feature, however, is her extremely calm and upbeat personality. She is the calm in a storm, free of panic and anxiety. She keeps a calm, rational head to help talk you down from the worst of emotional crises if given a chance to express herself to you.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Clear Quartz, Aquamarine, Selenite, Magazines, Reading, News, Logic Puzzles


PREFERRED VESSEL: Clear Quartz or Topaz

Chloe (ST600)