The Clow Cards are a very special piece of my childhood, the main focus of my obsession with Card Captor Sakura.  The cards are very much alive, all 56 pieces of art portraying a powerful theme.  The Clow Consultation looks over your influences, be it positive, negative, neutral, or fluid. It will state how you use them, and your best (and worst) qualities relating to your influences. It will point out the ups and downs of these qualities, and even offer some advice relating to your qualities, either in furthering, accepting, or ridding yourself of their influences in your life.


You have a choice of sun or moon attunement with the decks, as one will be charged under the sun and the other under the moon.


AVERAGE SIZE: 2 Pages / 1000 Words

Clow Consultation







    You have a lot of protection in place, especially when it comes to your emotions.  You keep yourself away from what makes you truly unhappy, and can generally stay separated from the more negative experiences.  This is a wonderful feature - it helps you stay positive, level-headed, and calm in the face of trouble and adversity. It is a wonderful mark of someone what has weathered the storm in life; you expect trouble, and you’re ready to brush it off.  It’s one of your best qualities, and one of the things that draws people to you. They are trying to find the calm in the storm for themselves, and your outward appearance of going unbothered is very attractive to people who are suffering and dealing with troubles.  It is one of the best traits you can have in the healing arts and definitely sets you out as a leader.




    There is a brightness you perceive in everything around you.  For you, it’s almost a validating sight where you don’t dwell on the darkness.  You find the best thing about a person or situation, and you exploit it to help others around you.  This transfers some of the brightness from others to you, and helps you to think better of yourself in the world, which is essential to being a good person.  You use this power for good, for the betterment of others. Unlike many others, you do not think about yourself when you do these things and get a genuine feeling of joy from seeing others happy.  You take the positive forces from others and use it to spread the positive glow around you. Everything is about sharing and spreading the warmth in humanity, and you’ll do whatever you think is necessary to complete this goal, especially if you can help a few other people at the same time.




    In spite of all the protection you have, you can’t stop what’s under your dome.  You are very susceptible to the flurry of emotion that you generate, and you don’t know how to ask for help with it.  You struggle with the thought that maybe, just maybe, asking for help will hurt someone else, or asking will make others think of you as less of a helpful person because you need help as well.  This is perhaps your largest shortcoming, because you cannot always do things on your own. Asking for help is a large part of being a human being, the worst part of it. And you often don’t realize you need the help until it gets to a point where it is a much larger problem than it originally was in the first place.  Recognition is a very strong part of this, and opening up that part of yourself to others, while terrifying, will prove to be necessary.




    Your senses, while wonderfully bright and picking up on even the faintest light, tend to pass the negative without thinking about it.  This tends to leave you open to being taken advantage of, especially when you do so much to help other people around you. You want to see the best in the world, but the bad is also what shapes us as people.  While it’s good to see the good things, the bad things are just as important. You need to work on this part, as it tends to be a shortcoming that leaves you open to getting hurt. It is something that takes a length of time to learn how to overcome, but it is an important lesson that takes a good balance of good and bad to get through.  Try to acknowledge that the bad is, in a way, necessary for the good to be there. Eliminating it entirely would make it to where people don’t recognize their happiness, and it serves to balance and ground the soul.




    In your past, you had a way of getting above everyone and everything that could be perceived as negative or upsetting.  This is something that continues to influence you, in that you still keep yourself “above” trouble. You try not to experience it if you can avoid it, which is both good and bad in a way.  While it doesn’t bog you down, it also makes it harder for you to recognize exactly how good or bad a time is. It also makes it harder to deal with extremes because you don’t handle the mild on a regular basis.  However, this can be a good things. It makes the extremes more prevalent, so that you can make them the priority for your working. Used the right way, you can make this an extreme advantage to help you prioritize, but do keep in mind that like all things, this can also go to waste and become a crutch to escape stress rather than deal with it in order.




    There is a rhyme and reason to everything you do, and you keep yourself busy and happy as you do it.  You turn everything into a process, and you keep it flowing as best you can. This is an incredible skill, and it helps you to spread your influence in different ways.  It’s a powerful trait that has won you some acclaim in your circle of influence, helping you grow not only yourself, but others. You build others up rather than tearing them down, but you could easily ruin someone if it was needed for the sake of minimizing “casualties.”  You can spread light, influence, and love this way, and it’s a wonderful tool at your disposal. You can use this in the future however you see fit, the skill a wonderfully fluid ability that you can apply where you need it to help, hurt, protect, or build on. It’s all a matter of how you use it.




    You don’t see the future as linear and set.  It is ever changing around what you do in the present time, constantly in motion and dependent on your current choices and actions.  This adds more of a restriction on your current actions, as you can’t resist thinking of how things might affect you or others when you do things or others request you do things.  You try not to let it bother you so much, but there’s certainly a sort of restriction you place on yourself because of it. These restrictions, while it’s very possible that they may help you, can also hinder your experiences and interactions with others.  There are certain points in life that you will not enjoy without the winds of change influencing your destiny, and there are times that you will simply have to learn to accept that there are consequences and do them anyway. No life was ever lived carefully!