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These often-misrepresented Fae is often very fickle. They can be quite rowdy and out-of-hand, especially when alcohol is involved. They are often labeled as "drunk Leprechauns on a rampage," though will be quick to correct those who misstep. They are darker in alignment and far looser in morals. They can be very demanding companions, and are quick to teach a cruel person a lesson, be it their keeper or an adversary.


While their appearance is often dictated by their chosen glamour, their natural form is quite short, described with pointed ears and ruddy complexion when they're drinking. They generally wear red coats with green vests. These quirky Fae all have a fairly similar smile when they're up to no good.


While they stress and display the distinct differences to the Leprechaun, they have a similar skill set. They are very skilled in illusions and glamour, but they use this to make their keeper reflect on themselves more than to help them get away with things. They also have an extremely magnetic energy, but this depends on what you give them to work with. They abide by the more chaotic Law of Attraction; positive forces breed a positive reward while negative forces breed a negative consequence. This is the toughest - albeit most rewarding - aspect of having a Clurichaun companion.


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