TYPE: Guardian / Advisor
FUNCTION: Investigation, Protection, Cognitive Function


“I am whatever you want me to be, Lieutenant. Your partner…Your buddy to drink with…Or just a machine…Designed to accomplish a task.”


NAME: Connor
BASIS: Detroit: Become Human
ENERGY TYPE: Grey-Dark Cusp


APPEARANCE: Connor is of average height, hardly impressive in build. He has a peachy complexion with sparse freckles, his dark brown hair smoothed back aside from one lock of hair that falls onto his forehead. His eyes are brown, and he has a circular LED implanted into the right side of his forehead.


APPAREL: He wears an adapted Android uniform that’s structured to look like a gunmetal grey suit with black spotted tie. He has the blue LED band around his right upper arm, and the LED triangle just under his left shoulder. RK800 is displayed prominently on the right side, along with his serial number, and “MADE IN DETROIT” is emblazoned under the triangle. His back is black at the top with a blue stripe dividing the grey bottom portion. The top reads ‘ANDROID’ in white lettering with a blue triangle centered directly under it. RK800 is just under the blue stripe. He wears plain black pants and black work boots.


PERSONALITY: Structured to blend in with humans, he often comes across as eager and naive. He sees things rationally, asking questions to anything that doesn’t fit quite right. He is a bit stiff and sarcastic, but is absolutely invaluable as a companion. It’s mostly business and some pleasure when it comes to him, but he never fails to surprise with a small sentiment.


ABILITIES: Connor has experienced much, and offers an unbiased view of a situation. He sees both sides, and can often help you flesh out the different factors of your decisions. He helps you reach the end of situations, good or bad, and supports you through to the end.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Obsidian, Amethyst, Reading, Piano Music, Work, Technology



Connor (RK800)