Shufflemancy is a type of divination that has been taking a rise in the technological age that we're in.  Utilizing technology's ability to shuffle music playlists and grab songs at random, you are able to interpret the songs you receive after a predetermined number of skips.


This is a channeled interpretation with Maera, the Pangolin Shifter.  Music creates energy, and mixing it with your companion's energies, Maera is able to use her skills in energy work and empathy to read how the relationship you have with your companion is forming.  She takes deep meaning into consideration when reading these songs and energies, her intuitively perceptive view on them helping her combine them for thorough interpretations covering multiple facets of your relationship with them.


For this reading, I need the name you associate with most, your birth date, your companion's name, your companion's race, and six numbers under 25.  Reading will be delivered as a PDF to your choice of email or discord.

Cupid Shuffle