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Kobolds are earth spirits that work diligently to earn their keep.  There are three different types of kobolds, all that have slightly different strengths based on their habitats.


This listing combines a number of the three types of kobolds, making a full staff to suit what you’re looking for, be it motivation, cleansing, a closer connection to crystal energies, traveling companions, altar space maintenance, or a generic push in the right direction from time to time, the kobolds can make unique groups to keep you spiritually running as desired.


When you purchase this listing, you will receive a detailed write up of the leader of your staff, as well as the names and short descriptions of the other members.  You will also receive two vessels upon shipping - one for your water kobolds and one for your house and mine kobolds, as the water kobolds are free to travel whereas the mine kobolds are not.  It may take up to three weeks to complete this specific binding, as making sure your kobolds are compatible is very complex and tricky, but you will be kept informed of progress along the way.

Custom Kobold Staff

  • House Kobolds make up most of who I work with, and most of the leaders in a staff will be a house kobold.  They are very good with upkeep and maintenance.  They do not leave the home that they serve once welcomed inside and will constantly keep you motivated to make things clean and tidy.  They also clean and maintain energy spaces (such as altars or special rooms and storage areas for magickal things) while also helping you find a way to manage your area so that you are constantly able to work at your best, most efficient level.