Servitors are thoughtform entities created with programming for one thing or another.  They can be complex, or they can be simple.  It is up to the creator and how they create the servitor regarding the strength and complexity of their programming.  Servitors can come in any manner of appearance, be it familiar or brand new, and can be inspired from anywhere.  They are able to have their programming changed, but it does become harder and harder as time goes on to change their programming.


These in particular will be Pokemon in theme, able to complete one basic function in their programming to further help you enhance your abilities or protect you! The base personality will determine how compatible they are with certain tasks.


Since I was a child, I was infatuated with Pokemon.  Everything about them - their appearance, their power, their loyalty - made me happy and excited.  I've been toying with this idea for a long time, and finally found a way to do it.  This is a more simple programming, as they will all be used for one purpose, but they will be absolutely loyal to you, their keeper, for your full lifetime.

Custom Pokemon Servitor

  • Servitors are made from my energy, and as such, can take time to settle into their programming.  I ask up to two weeks for creation time to make sure that there are no problems with their function before I send them home to you.  


    Based on the Pokemon's general makeup and natural personality, it can be difficult to match certain ablities with certain pokemon (i.e. Lucario/Mew is good with helping with the third eye, but not so much with Pikachu), and as such, while I may try to make it work, it won't always work out and I may very well have to talk to you about changing the pokemon or changing the ability.


    Finally, the gijinka form can go one of two ways - either I need an image of what you desire for your gijinka form to look like, or you leave me creative freedom to make your gijinka with my own imagination.

  • Lu (Chaos in Pandora's Box) : My V is a Breloom, and he is hilarious, energetic, and active. He is one of the most fun servitors I've ever had a chance to meet, and when it comes down to it, he can be very serious and guardian-like. He is loyal and loud. For anybody who is a fan of Pokémon in any manner, I can't stress Foxx's servitors enough.