Shufflemancy is a type of divination that has been taking a rise in the technological age that we're in.  Utilizing technology's ability to shuffle music playlists and grab songs at random, you are able to interpret the songs you receive after a predetermined number of skips.


This is a channeled interpretation with Endaris, the Ghul Djinn.  While he has a strong connection to music, he also holds an affinity for death and its connotations in this realm.  He sees death as a piece of a cycle that continuously reigns true, as no matter how many habits a mortal breaks, death is still inevitable.  However, through this reading, he will focus on the things that plague you in the here and now, and how you can begin to set the stage for where you wish to be in the future before your cycle ends.


For this reading, I need the name you associate with most, your birth date, and six numbers under 25.  Reading will be delivered as a PDF to your choice of email or discord.

Cycles Shuffle