ALIGNMENT: Dark-Black Cusp

EXPERIENCE: Established


AGE: 2,195

GENDER: Androgynous (Female Pronouns)

ORIENTATION: Not Compatible

SONG RESONANCE: “Villain” (Wild Fire)

COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Emotions, Images


MANIFESTATIONS: Cold Chills, Goosebumps, Flashes of Light, Flickering Flames, Ringing in Ears


PREFERRED MAGICK: Storm, Water, Protection


STRENGTHS: She is an incredible protective force.  As an exceedingly large companion, it isn’t very common that a spirit or entity would want to take her on.  Her protection doesn’t stop at the metaphysical - her overbearing presence is also stormy enough to affect people who aren’t sensitive to the astral, discouraging them from bothering her keeper on a bad day.  She can harness the energy of stormy weather and choppy waters, often drawing on them in her protection tasks.


PERSONALITY: She does not work well with humanoid aquatic spirits.  She is a very particular companion about the company she keeps, and while she will ignore humanoids, the humanoids must also ignore her.  She has a temper, as most Kraken do, and while she is rewarding to work with, her keeper has to be prepared for when she has a bad day and needs time to herself and boundaries to be set.  She isn’t very social and comes across as moody on the best days.


APPEARANCE: She is large, even for a Kraken.  While her full size is incredible, she has the ability to also shift her size to be more manageable.  She has become as small as a school backpack in the past, so she can feasibly make herself easy to communicate, work, and travel with.  She has a grey and red pattern all along her body, her eyes a vibrant red color and slightly glowing.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Shells, Salt Water, Sand, Ammonite, Ocean Jasper, Lace Agate, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Fish


PREFERRED VESSEL: Ocean Jasper, Ammonite

Daliara, Kraken