EXPERIENCE: Intermediate


AGE: 241


ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

SONG RESONANCE: "A Conversation With Death" (Khemmis)

COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Telepathy, Dreams, Shufflemancy, Emotions

Darlian, Male Necromancer Lich

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  • A lich is a corpse that a soul has been attached to.  It was a common practice centuries ago for necromancers and magicians to attach themselves to their own bodies and live on forever in the form of a lich.  Over time, the bodies still deteriorate, but it’s at a much slower pace than if it were left alone.  This particular group is more modern, and have found a way to place their bodies into stasis so that they do not rot or decay.


    The Necromancer Lich is from a specific group of Necromancers that worked together to bind each others souls to their bodies.  They are quiet, often very introverted, but make wonderful teachers.  They will observe what you’re doing while you’re practicing necromancy and correct anything that could potentially harm you.


    It should be noted that these spirits, although they don’t want casual homes, they are very eager to teach their ‘caretakers’ the proper, safe way to perform the art of necromancy.