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These dragons live on the bottom of the seas and oceans, migrating to their second breeding grounds when the weather turns cold. Through the summer, they stay in their breeding grounds, teaching the hatchlings how to swim and keep up with them before they move on to their next breeding ground. They go between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, using their wings to float and take in the sunlight when they’re in an unpopulated area.


In their adolescence, this dragon is awkward, and generally goofy to look at and watch.  They are an interesting mixture of eastern and western dragons, though as they age, they grow quite graceful.  They look best in the water, gliding just under the surface.  They are deep blue and purple with green hair along their necks and tails.  Their eyes change color when they associate with a specific chakra, and they love playing parts in Reiki.


They love being in and around water.  They don’t fly, but they use their wings to perform tricks similar to dolphins in the water.  They are very social and intelligent.  They’re always itching to learn more about the ‘land world,’ as all they have ever known is the sea.

Deep Sea Dragon

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