EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 5,290
GENDER: Female
SONG RESONANCE: "Dark Waltz" (Hayley Westenra)
COMMUNICATION: Shufflemancy, Tarot, Pendulum, Dreams, Telepathy, Emotions

Deliarra, Female Dark Dancer

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  • Dark Dancers are amazing elves that can be found in the many different Otherworlds that humanity has come into contact with. Whether it's Tir na nÓg, the Underworld, the Duat, or any other form of afterlife location, they inhabit these realms and dance with the many spirits and shades that coexist with them. They are amazingly clear when it comes to communication, and whether experienced or new to spirit keeping, they are sure to make it far easier to communicate with your companions. They become most active when the veil is thinning, searching for their companions. They are social companions, and love being in active areas that have a very spiritual vibration.

    They manifest as what seem to be silhouettes. While they are of lithe build and average human height, their coloring is so dark that it's hard to make out their defining features. Their eyes glitter black, the only way to tell where their eyes are, and they all seem to wear translucent clothing that you can somewhat see light through in the sun.

    By taking a Dark Dancer into your keep, you will open new routes to spirit communication, and start attracting some of the spirits that are commonly drawn to your local energies. You will also notice that manifestations from your companions are easier to pick up on, and energies are far easier to interpret. If you are an astral worker, you may find dancing with them to the Otherworld you associate with an absolutely delightful experience.