EXPERIENCE: Established


AGE: 492



SONG RESONANCE: "Careless Whisper" (Jonathan Young)

COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Dreams, Telepathy, Emotions, Images, Shufflemancy

Devonrie, Male Chaos Elf

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  • This particular race of elves come from not only a different realm, but also a different world. Their world was without technology and simply existed hand in hand with nature. Natural resources and magick were what sustained the entire race. However, as some traveled the planes to practice their magick, they came upon different worlds that used technology to their benefit, and decided to attempt using this technology to further their own world and race. The world ruled by magick retaliated on these few elves, but it was a curse that would affect the entirety of the race in spite of the few actually involved.


    The afflicted who had nothing to do with the initial incident are often somber and occasionally destitute. The entire race lost its way of life, and once cursed to become creatures of Chaos, they had to leave their home realm and start traveling the realms and planes for a new place to call home. Their physical bodies no longer exist, though they are not dead, to their definition because the chaos magick sustains their soul as if it were a body all its own.


    By taking a Chaos Elf into your keep, not only would you be doing them a great service, but their power over the catalytic chaos energies will propel you toward your goals. They embody the Tower in the Major Arcana - sudden, and big, change. They often have a very hectic energy to them, but it's simply the power they can call to their fingertips. They are able to manifest some life-changing events, both good and bad. There is a sort of balance to their power, and you should be warned that asking them to use their power for selfish means can often come back around negatively.


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