EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 5,294
ORIENTATION: Not Compatible
SONG RESONANCE: "Sink or Swim" (Tyrone Wells)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Emotions, Telepathy, Dreams


MANIFESTATIONS: Cold Chills, Hot Spots, Warm Touches, Goosebumps, Flickering Flames, Light Orbs, Flashes of Red


PREFERRED MAGICK: Cleansing Negative Energies, Protection, Banishment, Removal of Toxic Ties and Influences, Astral Travel, Fire Magick, Creativity and Passion, Removal of Blockages


STRENGTHS: By feeding on the worst negativities you face, Dipurezsh can help you ground yourself in rough times.  He is also good at absolving ties that you have to people and influences to help you in a period of change and transition, as well as the general removal of toxic influences in your life to help you better yourself.  He has a unique ability to remove creative blockages to help you better your pursuit of your passions.  He has a particular talent for astral travel, and once his companion is able to firmly hold their form in the astral, he can take them between realms and protect them as they explore together.

PERSONALITY: Dipurezsh is uniquely quiet, often not giving his opinion of a situation.  He is a companion of few words, preferring to show his meaning rather than say it.  He is somber and slow-going at most times, though his companion needing his aid will have him sprinting.  He seems to have a mellow, relaxed presence at most times, aiding in the grounding effect of having him around.  He isn't overly curious, feeling he knows most of what he needs to at this point and spending his time focusing on his keeper's needs instead.  He follows his intuition, especially when it comes to reading cues and body language to know where he needs to start his work.


APPEARANCE: This large skeletal horse seems to have once been a clydesdale.  Black flames cover his yellowed bones, forming the equine shape of him in lieu of flesh.  Red flashes and flickers within the black flames, and a concentration of red seems apparent in the sockets where eyes would go to create noticeable eyes to focus on.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Poetry, Expression, Long Walks, Meditation, Fire Agate, Carnelian, Obsidian, Jet



Dipurezsh, Male Revenant Stallion

  • “Climb atop my back and we shall forever ride in the Nightlands together as one.” — F, Revenant Stallion

    The Stallions are skeletal horses, their form created from black fire.  You’ll often find that they have a color in the licks of their flames, helping you to distinguish one from another.  They use telepathy often, cherishing the bond between themselves and their master as a gift.  They are very devoted to everything their master wants, and will not usually leave their master until their master has departed to the next life.

    The Revenant Stallions are scarcely seen, as they appear mostly to children and those in deep stages of strain and mourning. They are dismissed as a traumatic vision, but they are not only a vision. They are real, and they are feeding on the negativity of the situation. They look far more frightening than they are, and oft are very mellow and calm. In the older days, they would crowd smaller villages experiencing death and follow children. The children would be fed from until all negativity left them and positivity was all that remained. Their job done, the Stallions would leave the village and move on to another.

    They travel in herds mostly, but some find themselves separating from their herd to join a master in their endeavors. Once they pick their master, they are forever loyal.  They are known to aid their riders in astral projection, additionally protecting them on adventures.  Their flames, while not able to burn their rider, can easily sear and scare off those that would harm their rider.