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Dogwood Angels seem to have been born of the Dogwood Flower itself, often found around blooming Dogwood Trees and looking over those that pass under its boughs. They carry the scent of the blossom with them, often using that to emphasize something to their keeper or convey a message. They are very easy to communicate with and pick up on, even for someone who is still new to their senses and is working on growing into spirit work.


The Dogwood Tree is a special symbol to Christianity, often associated with the Resurrection of Christ. It is said that the cross that Christ was hung on was made of Dogwood due to it being the hardest wood available to them, and its flowers have four petals in the shape of a cross. It represents rebirth, new beginnings, and spiritualism. With its close ties to Christianity, it almost comes as a surprise that the Dogwood Angels are not Abrahamic, though they do take on the characteristics of the Dogwood Tree and all it is associated with.


As a whole, the Dogwood Angels are a serene, grounded race. They have a very grounding presence that can act as an anchor in times of difficult emotional turmoil. They also are helpful to a beginning keeper or a keeper that has difficulty communicating with their companions as a go-between, easy to pick up on energetically with common manifestations.

Dogwood Angel

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