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The Draconic Hounds are an amazing hybrid of black dragon and hell hound. They hold the inky black color of both parents, but gain some mixed features regarding the rest of them that changes for each hound. They are protective forces to be reckoned with, and will allow no harm to go unpunished. They are quite intense in personality, and usually quite energetic and active. They are motivating in all the right ways, pushing you to do better and focusing on you and your betterment. They take care of protecting you so you can focus on everything else you need.

They are also very adept with warding, and can create some of it. They aren't the best at it, and will mostly work to improve and update your own warding once they grow comfortable with it. They are both sentry and protector, not only finding the threats but neutralizing them as well. They attack negative presences with everything they've got, and will become your best friends.

Due to their Draconic and Hell Hound bloods, many of these beings are also shifters with human forms along with their natural forms. They are very easy to bond and work with, though their energy is rather heavy and dark and can be overwhelming if you're not used to or experienced with dark arts spirits.

Draconic Hound

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