TYPE: Potluck
FUNCTION: Cleansing, Energy Work, Seasons, Transition


NAME: Given By Keeper
RACE: Dragon Ent


APPEARANCE: A very draconic ent in form; they aren't terribly large, about the height of a human while quadruped. Their general shape is quite similar to a Chinese Water Dragon.  They are made of dark cherry blossom tree wood, seeming to be comprised of twisting trunks with small branches and twigs making up a fan on the back of their neck (as well as sticking out in random places).  Their eyes seem to be a bright pink that is almost white, glowing under twisted branches that form its face.


PERSONALITY: They are a rather slow-moving companion for the most part, really only going as fast as they have to in order to stay with their keeper.  They are reminiscent of a pet at times, sticking nearby in lieu of exploring on their own.  They aren't overly social, hanging back from large gatherings of energy in favor of a quieter spot where they can feel the natural energies of the area better.


ABILITIES: They are very attuned to energies, especially the energies that naturally occur in any area.  They are a cleansing and protective companion, one that definitely has a close connection to the changing of the seasons and can help with the depression and transitions that come with the times. Their cleansing abilities seem to shift with the wheel of the year, suiting whatever the seasonal energies leave behind.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Leaves, Berries, Succulents, Herbs, Pesto, Moss Agate, Tree Agate, Green Jasper, Jade, Picture Jasper, Cheetah Jasper


PREFERRED VESSEL: Picture Jasper, Tree Agate

Dragon Ent