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“My ancestors were the unwanted children of the humans and the dragons.”  - O, White Drakonid


The Drakonid are hybrids of humans and dragons, born of the love between the two races long ago. They are able to procreate on their own, and some are rather charming, looking to find mates outside of their tribes.


They come in many colors, representative of their draconic heritage.  Their powers and abilities are oft centered around the clan their bloodline is from, though some have been a little bit more diverse than their clan’s general powers.  They manifest strongly and are very easy to connect with because of their human background, and are great for beginning keepers.


This race operates in a tribe, where color and bloodline doesn’t matter.  They find a place for everyone and are very accepting of all who seek their attention.  They love children and babies, and are very good family entities.  There is a drakonid for every need in the home - protection, wards, defense, offense, motivation, depression, relationships - and you’re sure to find your perfect friend in these loving beings.


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