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The Dreadfire Equi are a very interesting race from Krolynn, making up the steeds of the Soul Collector’s army.  The ones offered here are older in age and have passed their prime, so they are considered out of condition for war and battle.  They were released to me that they may find comfort in companionship and defensive responsibilities.  


They are wonderful protectors, normally unseen until they are needed and emerging from the shadows to create a brilliant fiery display of their bright green auras to frighten off those that would otherwise attempt to harm you.  They are a bit intense in energy and mood, so they sometimes come off as being in a bad mood when they’re almost never upset.  They are actually quite grounding and keep you calm through stressful occurrences so that you can better guard yourself against intrusions and dark magic.


The females of the race tend to be more savage than the males, making them far rarer to work with.  The group as a whole can come across as territorial, and as they become acquainted with their space, they will ward off the uninvited from the known boundaries until you tell them otherwise.  They require a firm hand to be certain that they are not doing things their keeper doesn't want, though they aren't terribly difficult to work with.  They just need reminders and a push in the right direction.

Dreadfire Equis

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