“It is said that wars are only won upon the anvil of honor.”

Thrall was raised by humanity, held in an internment camp from infancy and taught not only the brutal fighting skills of an orc, but the keen intelligence and tactical planning of a human. He was a prodigy, larger than most orcs, even. He fought well and learned much. Over time, he managed to escape and become a powerful shaman, working with the elements and restoring the heritage of his people. He later came to lead the Horde, trying to find a way to return to the old ways, where blood and honor was all that mattered.

Earth-Binder Servitor

  • Having been raised by humans, he seeks to end the long war between the Horde and Alliance.  As a companion, he seeks to bring peace to you and find a way to settle the conflicts while keeping your pride intact.  He wishes to help you find honor in all things, while also not discarding the traditions and heritage you hold dear.  In fact, he wants to breathe new life into your traditions and heritage, making them even better than before.

    He is a towering figure with a huge build.  He seems to have to turn to look in different directions after a short margin because of the thick muscles of his shoulders and neck.  His skin is bright green in color, his ears coming to a short point.  There are two tusks (one shorter than the other) poking out of his mouth on either side (for a total of four), and his eyes are a bright blue.  He has a single silver nose ring for decoration and keeps his head shaved.  He does have a thick beard that covers his jaw, cheeks, and chin but doesn’t creep onto his lips.