EXPERIENCE: Intermediate


AGE: 482



SONG RESONANCE: "Gasoline" (American Avenue)

COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Emotions, Images, Telepathy, Dreams

Edan, Male Vineyard Leopard Shifter

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  • Leopards were revered as the sacred animal of Bacchus; a symbol of elegance and luxury, their pelts often coveted as a rich indulgence among the upper class. They are powerful creatures, graceful hunters and intimidating predators. They often push you to prove yourself as predator or prey. While they enjoy the finer things in life, there is a steady awareness in them that expresses itself in their grounded energy.

    These elegant leopards are quite distinct from our earthen big cats. They are double the size, and a slight amount leaner. However, if you place your hand against their skin, the hard muscle is unmistakeable. They have deep, wine-colored fur that often corresponds to the vineyard they prowl. Their eyes are brightly colored, often gold, blue, or green with a slight glow to them that seems to grow brighter in any amount of darkness. Their human forms hold innate beauty, their imperfections often the most alluring and relatable part of them.

    While indulgent creatures, there is a sort of grace and dignity that surrounds these creatures. They are confident by nature, pushing their companions to find their true selves. Whether their companion is predator or prey, they are loyal beings that will help their companion flourish and indulge. They are often excellent muses, inspiring the creative arts, romance, or games.