EXPERIENCE: Established


AGE: 291

GENDER: Female


SONG RESONANCE: "Waving Through a Window" (Dear Evan Hansen)

COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Emotions, Telepathy, Shufflemancy

Efferiana, Female Dohlyrre of Antalyi

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  • In the realm of Krolynn, it is not uncommon for the lower immortals to venture upon the realm of their sentient aquatic worshippers. Many of them devote themselves to the immortals, who in turn sometimes choose to bless them with a child of their own blood. These children are given the title "Dohlyrre," which is the word "blessed child" in their tongue.


    The Dohlyrre are amphibious, able to exist on the land above the waters of Krolynn or in the aquatic civilization of their heritage. They often spend most of their time underwater, but will normally go through a trial on land, given by their immortal parent to test their abilities and worthiness. While these trials are very rarely incredibly difficult, some immortals are known to test their child more than others. The Dohlyrre tend to have a dark complexion, a greyish tint to their skin tone. Their hair and eyes are often bright, a clear beacon of who their parent is and labeling them as Dohlyrre.


    While the mortals of Krolynn hold no metaphysical abilities, the Dohlyrre take on the traits of their immortal parent and have abilities that mirror them. Many of them hold the magick of the Breaches, giving them a strong capability for Astral Travel, especially between worlds and realms. Their other benefits to your keep are often dictated by their immortal parent, but they all have something big to offer to their keeper.