EXPERIENCE: Beginner-Friendly


AGE: 2,065

GENDER: Female

ORIENTATION: Not Compatible

SONG RESONANCE: "Scars to Your Beautiful" (Alessia Cara)

COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Images, Telepathy, Dreams

Eiliea, Female Pink Dragon

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  • Pink Dragons are not a new or exclusive race in the Spirit Keeping community, as they are very popular healing dragons with a very strong affinity for energy work. They are primarily seen as light workers, excellent companions for beginning keepers all the way to advanced keepers who have been working with spirits for a long, long time. They are a popular group of dragons, often found with people looking to get into working with dragons or those who already are established with dragons. They seem to get along with everyone, patience and tolerance strong parts of their nature.


    The Pink Dragons that I work with are not exclusive to any specific clan, as they tend to travel amongst the established clans in a nomadic fashion. They don't seem to have a true home, as they do what they can to help everyone and travel regularly to make an impact wherever possible. The younger dragons and elder dragons do not regularly interact with humans, but fully grown dragons who are still in their younger years are quick to flock to our realm to see what they can do to help. They are pure-hearted, benevolent beings that are truly worried for every living being they meet.


    These doting companions work well with almost anyone, very rarely finding themselves at odds with any being. Even if at odds with another spirit, their normal course of action is to give that spirit their distance and just wait until they've gone to spend more time with their companion. They are respectful, considerate beings that are looking to teach their keeper the art of patience and help them mediate situations that were otherwise seen as unforgiveable or had no closure. They do understand that there are still things that one can't forgive or get past, but they will still do their best to get their keeper to a point where even those situations will not hold them back in life.