EXPERIENCE: Intermediate 
AGE: 82 
SONG RESONANCE: "Ocean Man" (Ween) 
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Images, Emotions, Telepathy, Shufflemancy


MANIFESTATIONS: Splashing Sounds, Hot Spots, Cool Touches, Water Sensations, Salty Aftertaste, Light Orbs


PREFERRED MAGICK: Water, Storm, Energy, Empathy


NOTE: "Who wants me? I'm down to go home with anyone, so long as they're ready for a new friend."

Eljie, Male Demi-Shark

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  • Demi-Sharks are incredible companions who come from the oceans of the world. They are similar to merfolk, in that their torso is humanoid but becomes aquatic from the waist down. Their lower half, however, is that of a shark. They are often hairless, sometimes sporting pale hair atop their heads. Their skin is often grey in color, matching the coloring of the shark half more times than not.

    They are masters of the water, able to move at high speed through the waves and currents as needed. They use the entire lengths of their body to push themselves through the water, and it's an intriguing sight to behold. They are known to swim with their shark kin, gentle giants like their aquatic cousins. Although they may look scary at first, especially if you just see their dorsal fin poking out of the water, they are often quite laid back and relaxed.

    Their energy tends to be intense, though pleasing when it comes to their keeper. As you grow used to their presence, it grows more grounding, as if it allows the waves of emotions and energies around you crash against it rather than yours. They are protectors, and have a very proficient ability to seek out liars and pretenders. They are excellent companions for keepers who have issues with Tricksters or trouble with being taken advantage of in your mundane daily life. They are warm and affectionate, though only to their companions. If they don't know someone, they are quite hyperfocused on them for the duration of time they are in their keeper's presence.