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Enbarr of the Flowing Mane is a very prominent equine, known as the faithful steed of Mananann. They could survive on land or in the sea, depending on where they were needed at the time. Enbarr has, over time, reproduced with different races of equine. The Enbarri Steeds are specifically the result of Enbarr with earthen horses. Their life expectancy is far more vast than our own physical horses, and they may well outlive most keepers.


While the Enbarri Steeds look like regular horses at first glance, they all have some minute differences that help them stand out. Any Enbarri Steed has bright golden eyes, no matter their coloring, and are a hand or two larger than their Earthen lineage. Their manes are also incredibly thick and wild, leaving them to appear quite extravagant with their "flowing manes."


While their (often majority) lineage is mundane, they have some sway over the sea and the magick it commands. However, their greatest gift is that of confidence. They help bolster you when you make a decision, pushing you to stand proud and own your mistakes so that you can fix them. They are incredible teachers of responsibility. That are absolutely invaluable as mentors and guardians.

Enbarri Steed

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