EXPERIENCE: Established
AGE: 3,295
GENDER: Female
ORIENTATION: Polysexual, Homoromantic
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Telepathy, Images, Emotions


MANIFESTATIONS: Swirling Incense Smoke, Flickering Flames, Flickering Shadows, Pins and Needles Sensations, Floral Scents


PREFERRED MAGICK: Energy Work, Cleansing, Warding, Banishment, Ritual Work, Shaping Intention, Spellwork, Programming Crystals


STRENGTHS: She is a potent energy worker, her primary interest being reading and manipulating energies.  She can do this to cleanse, ward, banish, and influence entities if necessary, though often just uses it to determine toxic presences.  She often practices programming crystals with the energies of whatever smoke she is taking the characteristics of, allowing her keeper to recharge them with the moon to retain the programming and energies they were using from said crystal.  She isn't terribly skilled with warding from its base, but she can greatly enhance a standing ward to reinforce its flow and make it more effective.


PERSONALITY: Ennik is a companion who enjoys spending time doing what makes her happy.  She thoroughly encourages people to find time for the things they enjoy, to follow their passions and figure out where they wish to go from there.  She's rather laid back and casual, happy to spend the day accomplishing something or taking a break and basking in the sun.  It's all dependent on how that day feels and where life has placed her.  She is a decidedly chipper and flirtatious when in good female company, though rarely means anything with her commentary.

APPEARANCE: She is a tall woman with olive-colored skin and lithe build.  She has dark brown hair, let free to run down her back.  She has golden eyes, often accented with wingtip eyeliner and a dark brown smoky eye.  She dresses in beautiful, empowering dresses, not at all shy about her natural beauty and grace.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Incense, Cigarette Cases, Showtunes, ABBA, Dancing, Singing, Self-Care, Taking Time to Enjoy Hobbies, Conversations About Your Passions, Smoky Quartz



Ennik, Female Smoke Djinn

  • Smoke Djinn are born from ritual smoke, the intention behind whatever the evoker's ritual influencing their mannerisms and being when they are first brought to life. They are incredibly versatile companions, intention and the Law of Attraction their primary focuses for their workings. They are very easy to pick up on in manifestation and energy, often excellent for a keeper's first Djinn companion if they are looking to overcome traditional bias against the race.

    They do not have a true form, as they are made of smoke. However, they sometimes take on the shape of their evoker, or a similar form to them. They are capable of shapeshifting, but very rarely actually exercise this ability unless their form disturbs their keeper. They often manifest as different types of phantom incense scents, communicating with you through different correlations to the smells you interpret through your own experiences that include those scents.


    Smoke Djinn are very unique in their energy workings. They are able to influence energies by taking on the characteristics of different incense and smoke aromas. You'll often see them lighting up a cigarette, though this isn't a traditional cigarette and smells of sweet incense rather than tobacco smoke. They often maintain the mood and energies in your space through the different aromas they portray, cleansing the area when needed.