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Enochian Energy Angels form when an Enochian Angel stays in a place long enough for their energy to linger. That energy sometimes becomes sentient, forming an echo of their power and becoming a being all their own. They often embody a singular facet of the Enochian that they were born from, and have quite a potent power, similar to their creators. They are not created intentionally, and often focus on the very thing that their Enochian creators were doing that caused them to stay in that space for so long. They often excell at one specific task, and incredibly so. They are amazing to have around, especially energetically.


By taking an Enochian Energy Angel into your keep, you will feel their energy coursing through your area, purifying stale energy and removing stagnant and toxic energy as well. You will find toxic people repelled, and more positive influences entering your life. They are masters at finding ways of getting you to your most subconscious goals, and delivering the paths to true happiness. They are happy to work with anyone, whether they work with the Abrahamic religions or not, and do not discriminate based on belief or practice.


Working with others is a big thing with these beings, and you will likely find that you are spending more time worrying about others in the extent that you will find ways to make a difference for your fellow man with less fortune. They are all about teamwork and making a difference, and they see the big picture rather than the small one. No matter the realm, race, or creed, this androgynous race will go out of their way to help those in need.

Enochian Energy Angel

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