Ephara is all about peace and working well with others.  She is interested in making people live in harmony, helping their fellow man.  She offers prosperity to those with a benevolent heart who are willing to sacrifice for others.  True, she doesn’t expect you to always do for others and not for yourself - after all, you wouldn’t be human if you did - but any good deed you do for someone else will bring praise and peace from Ephara.  She appreciates those who try to make things better in this world for their fellow man.

Ephara, God of the Polis Servitor

  • Ephara is able to scale her size so that she is easier to commune with, and seems to prefer a size slightly taller than the average woman.  She looks a bit like a stone statue, her eyes eternally closed.  There are cracks laden through her skin, each one glowing with the light of stars and nebulas.  Her hair is black, and held tightly in a bun.  She carries a large scroll, though has never shared with me what is actually on it, and also a pot that she pours onto those who deserve it.  She tells me it is serenity, peace, and hope.  I think we could all use a little hope poured on us when we do a good thing.  Don’t you?