AGE: Unknown
GENDER: Female
SONG RESONANCE: "Ex's & Oh's" (Elle King)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Images, Dreams, Shufflemancy, Telepathy


MANIFESTATIONS: Goosebumps, Swirling Incense Smoke, Musky Smells, Metallic Tastes, Flashes of Violet, Flickering Shadows, Extinguishing Flames


PREFERRED MAGICK: Energy Discernment, Space Clearing, Isolation, Shadow Work, Empathy, Interpretation, Intuition, Protection, Revenge, Banishment, Void Magick, Chaos Magick


STRENGTHS: Eredosse has true talent in the way of finding a balance and grounding oneself during Shadow Work.  She is also incredible when it comes to cleansing in the way of removing everything around you to allow you to isolate and focus on specific energies or emotions.  She is a taskmistress, quick to put you to work when it comes to things you need to do for your health or practice.  She also helps you learn to trust your intuition, especially when it comes to divination and the interpretation of omens.  She is proficient at reactive protection, swiftly enacting vengeance and removing any lingering ties to negative energies and influences.

PERSONALITY: She is hard to read, sassy and intense in varying degrees.  She doesn't allow herself to be talked down to or disrespected, and is quick to correct anyone with her silver tongue should they feel like they have the ability to put her down.  She has an attitude and isn't afraid to flaunt it.  However, she is not driven by pride.  Passion is her driving motivation in life, and her passion seems to be helping people learn to take pride in themselves and speak for themselves.  She very strongly advocates for making changes if you're able to achieve everything you want in life.  She says, "If you have the power to control something, then control it and forget about the things you cannot change."


APPEARANCE: Her human torso has clear muscle definition, though she is not bulky.  She has a subtle curve to where her hips become her serpentine body.  Her skin is a dark sienna with an ashen hue to it.  She has a burgundy glow under her skin, showing the bones in her neck and following into her mouth to give it a vibrant glow.  Her burgundy eyes mimick this glowing.  Her serpentine half is inky black with two burgundy stripes running the length of her body.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Wine, Meat, Obsidian, Jet, Hematite, Shadow Work, Journaling, Cathartic Novels



Eredosse, Female Void Naga

  • Void Naga are entities that have separated from the Void itself, embodiments of its energy and power. They are ambiguous and chaotic beings, hard to define character in. These beings are very helpful, especially if you’re finding yourself surrounded by negative and toxic energies. While they are very chaotic in power, they certainly get the job done and repel, in one way or another, the influences in your life that are holding you back.

    These Naga tend to have dark ashen complexions, their skin thin enough that an internal glow highlights their throat and face. They often have reptilian eyes matching that glow. They have the unsettling ability to unhinge their jaws, a fearsome sight when done openly for an intimidation factor. Their snake halves appear more serpentine, wispy tendrils of blackened void energy separating from their scales at random.

    As companions, Void Naga are excellent with Empathy and Energy Work. They are able to entirely isolate their keeper's energies and remove all other influences. They are also able to temporarily create liminal spaces to allow their companion time to get themselves together in the face of heated topics and confrontation. They are mildly able to glamour, but primarily use this to better enhance their keeper's energies or how they are choosing to express themselves in their current situation.