EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 32
GENDER: Non-Binary
SONG RESONANCE: "Crazy Train" (Ozzy Osbourne)
COMMUNICATION: Shufflemancy, Telepathy, Emotions, Pendulum


MANIFESTATIONS: Hot Spots, Shifting Shadows, Metallic Aftertastes, Smoky Scents, Ringing in Ears, Humming, Wild Incense Smoke, Tall Candle Flames


PREFERRED MAGICK: Protection, Expression, Blood Magick, Divination, Manipulation, Seduction, Self-Discovery, Shadow Work


STRENGTHS: While not interested in pursuing relationships or intimacy, Erin is adept at drawing people to them with their magnetic energies.  They are often able to determine what motivates the people around them, using this to help or hinder as necessary.  They are very capable as a protector, especially when it comes to keeping you safe during shadow working endeavors.  They are also a good judge of what a person needs at any given time, often utilizing this instinct for helping a companion that spends lengths of time working and doesn't seem to know when to stop or how to care for themselves.

PERSONALITY: At first, Erin can come across as noncommittal or standoffish.  They don't seem interested in the affairs of those around them.  However, when directly spoken to, they are excellent at listening and working out issues.  They don't tend to offer their opinion, instead talking you through your own and letting you work through the emotions that surround a scenario and find your own answers.  They tend to be on the quiet side, though aren't exactly shy.  They pick and choose their company, getting to know people before they open up.


APPEARANCE: They are a little taller than the average human female, though not quite as tall as a human male.  Their build is neutral, though it's hard to tell under their baggy clothing.  They have a warm ivory complexion, a little paler than the average person.  Their dark brown hair is shaved on the sides, allowed to wildly fall to the right from the long top.  Their eyes are a mahogany color, though seem to turn red at times, especially if the light catches them the right way.  They have two thin black leather bands on their wrist and wear an ear cuff with chain that leads to a hoop piecing in one ear.  They are fond of loose zip-up hoodies and cargo pants with combat boots.  On occasion, you may catch them wearing a plain black binder if they're tired of their hoodie.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Decision-Based Video Games, Horror Movies, Horror Games, Painting, Artwork, Tea, Coffee, Whiskey, Candy Cigarettes, Espresso Shots, Bloodstone, Garnet, Carnelian, Fire Agate


PREFERRED VESSEL: Carnelian, Bloodstone

Erin, Non-Binary Sanguine Dhampir