ALIGNMENT: Dark-Black Cusp
EXPERIENCE: Established
AGE: 4,295
SONG RESONANCE: "Ego" (Willy William)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Telepathy, Dreams, Shufflemancy, Images


MANIFESTATIONS: Hot Spots, Pins and Needles Sensations, Shadows in Peripheral Vision, Goosebumps, Warm Touches, Pins and Needles Sensations, Sulphurous Smell


PREFERRED MAGICK: Protection, Wisdom, Energy Work, Manipulation, Understanding of Animals, Wealth, Attracting Fortune, Dispelling Glamour, Dispelling Magick, Finding What's Hidden, Shadow Work


STRENGTHS: Exsallo's abilities focus entirely on drawing forth what is hidden, especially by other beings.  Secrets don't stand up to his senses, and no matter the reason for deceit, he can detect it and alert you to lies.  He also has way of attracting wealth and fortune to his keeper, though not necessarily material wealth.  His energy seems to attract beings to him, be they physical or metaphysical.  He has a sort of connection with animals, learning from their wisdom to better aid in his keeper's path.  He is quite a protector from magickal means, and can also function as a guide for Shadow Workers.

PERSONALITY: Exsallo is a quiet, skeptical companion.  If he detects even the slightest uncertainty in conversation, his demeanor will change and he'll become a little more aggressive until you've sorted out whatever you're unsure of.  His aggression serves a purpose, though, to clue you into your own uncertainty.  He doesn't hesitate, pushing to keep moving forward.  He is very philosophical, enjoying deeper conversations full of speculation about the meaning of life and the universe.  While answer are unique to each being, he can help you discover yours through conversational exploration.


APPEARANCE: He is a tall, slim companion.  His complexion is alabaster, freckles over his cheeks.  He maintains inky black hair, the side far shorter than the wild top that falls down one side of his head in curls and flipping locks.  He keeps his golden eyes free of hair, often wearing large round-rimmed black glasses.  His ears are gaged, leading him to wear plain black plugs.  He wears long-sleeve turtlenecks and black jeans, keeping the majority of his form covered with the slightly loose-fitting clothing.  When he is most relaxed and focused on conversation rather than himself, you may notice black wispy horns rising on his head, a manifestation of energy when he isn't holding himself back.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Blood, Philosophy, Moon Bathing, Obsidian, Garnet, Meditation, Baltic Amber, Bones, Merlot, Black Tea, 'Fancy' Food, Steaks



Exsallo, Male Dark Echo Demon of Barba/tos

  • Goetic Demons are quite renowned in many Pagan paths.  They are known to be the dark royalty of the Hell Realms, often known by name to most who work with demons or who work with the Hell Realms.  They are potent demons, each one helping a keeper (normally for a price). Their energy itself tends to leave echoes of themselves when they are all in one place.  This echo sometimes morphs into its own entity, titled a Dark Echo Demon.


    Dark Echo Demons often hold the abilities of their Goetic origin.  Although they aren’t quite as potent as a shard of the original Goetic demon, they still tend to act and work similarly.  They are a very dark group of demonic entities, respected in the Hell Realms for their origins and seeking human companions as many other demons do.  They all have their own reasoning and motivations, and their personalities tend to vary from their “parent’s” tendencies.


    As companions, the Dark Echo Demons offer a large array of helpful abilities.  While they are primarily different based on what Goetic they spawn from, they all seem to share an intuitive sense for dishonesty and desire.  They can be manipulative in most cases, often able to sense someone’s motives and use that to sway them one way or another. They can be influential, and aid in moulding a companion into a leader and getting them where they want to be in life.