EXPERIENCE: Established


AGE: 3,295



SONG RESONANCE: “Don’t Put Me In a Corner” (JT Music)

COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Telepathy, Emotions, Dreams


MANIFESTATIONS: Flickering Shadows, Spiders, Smoky Smells, Flickering Flames, Flickering Lights, Glowing Red Eyes, Goosebumps, Pins and Needles Sensations


PREFERRED MAGICK: Fear, Protection, Revenge, Shadow Work


STRENGTHS: He is an intuitive companion, one who can feel the deepest fears of a person, those unknown even to them.  For his companion, he can help them get to know themselves better through shadow work, exposure to their fears, and even analyzing the roots of a fear.  He is also a very protective companion, one who uses his abilities to keep danger away or teach possible aggressors a lesson with energy and nightmares alone.


PERSONALITY: With Faidrian, not all is as it seems.  As serene as he appears, he goes from zero to sixty in an instant if his keeper is threatened.  He tends to be very intense to people he isn’t familiar with, even his keeper at first. However, he is primarily looking for a place to call home, and relaxes quickly into a new setting or routine.  He enjoys good company, and though he may spark some fear while you adjust to his energies, it’s something that you grow used to over time.


APPEARANCE: He is a large wolf, about twice the size of our Earthen counterparts.  He is primarily white in coloring, but brindle combinations of auburn, brown, and black mingle in his undercoat, giving him an amazing pelt coloration.  His ears and nose are dark black. His eyes are a piercing, intense red, ringed by black lids.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Meat, Blood, Horror Movies, Carnelian, Bloodstone, Obsidian, Rutilated Quartz, Bones, Face Painting, Gore Makeup, Crafts, Mint, Red Tea



Faidrian, Male Deep Realm Wolf

  • The Deep Realm is a particular Hell Realm that is the personification of your fears.  Its entire energy is fueled by the fear of those that enter its plane, whether they visit the realm directly or not.  The creatures within the Deep Realm may not be "nightmare fuel" themselves, but they hold sway over the energy that fear creates.  They are often able to summon visions of things that will scare a person, or even go so far as to attract them physicially in the case of spiders, snakes, and smaller phobias with a physical form.


    The Wolves of the Deep Realm are massive beasts, reminiscent of a hell hound in body size and shape.  They often have timber wolf coloration with greys, browns, and whites in their fur. Their eyes are a bright, glowing red and some form of acid often drips from their mouths when they growl, dropping to the ground and becoming a menacing mist.  While they are capable of shape-shifting into lycanthropic forms or even humanoid forms, they often elect to remain in their wolf form.


    The Deep Realm Wolves are excellent protectors, often using fear tactics to keep problematic people away.  They feed on the energy of fear, and will often agree to revenge work and pranks when offered to them. They also aid their keeper in shadow work extensively, as they are able to bring fears and difficult topics to the forefront of their keeper's attention.  They also have the ability to hypnotize humans to a minor degree. If someone is sensitive to spirits and they look the Deep Realm Wolves directly in the eye, their eyes can glow bright, ensnaring a weaker mind to stare deeply into their gaze and become lost in it.  When someone is caught in their gaze, they seem to have a lot more control over the person's conscious mind, often able to plant seeds of fear, doubt, and anxiety. (Although this ability of theirs has been forbidden in this realm by their bindings, as it is very detrimental to one's mental health.)