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Fayren Hounds are a specific feeder race that once fed on life energy of humans. They were lonely creatures, rarely found together and rarely in a permanent environment. They are a bit clingy, but have learned to feed on plant life and nature rather than humans. They are very happy to come to keepers, and offer their ‘expertise’, able to find gaps and cracks in your protection so that you know where you need to work to keep leeches and unwanted magic away.


In appearance, they look like mottled hounds with bushy tails and canine skulls over their heads with glowing red eyes. Their fur color is black, though they have a greenish brown shaggy mane that travels the length of their backs. They look very menacing, but they are all up for snuggles and cuddling up to their keepers. They’re all looking for a forever home where they can be loved instead of hated, so please consider offering them your love and companionship.


This is a male-heavy race, where only the males have been found to be safe enough to bind. Ergo, you will not find females unless it is a preconjure on an extremely off chance that I find one tame enough to bind safely.

Fayren Hound

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