“Felidars that make it through their first year of life can easily live to see a hundred years more.”

These servitors are very resilient, their coats very difficult to pierce with conventional attacks and weapons.  They are strong defenses against unavoidable hexes that slip through, often taking on the effects of whatever’s been thrown at you.  They repurpose the energy of the magic used against you to benefit you while you craft spells.  If they start acting different from their usual personality, they are likely working with magic targeted to you and you should check and reinforce your wards.

Felidar Cub Servitor

  • The Felidar Cub is a sedate race, often seen lazing about and enjoying the sun when they get a chance.  They like to stay in groups, often still taking naps in the company of others.  They also work very well with child spirits and will watch over the younger members of your keep when they’re playing nearby.