TYPE: Spelled Servitor

FUNCTION: Cleansing, Energy, Nature Magick, Garden Magick, Grounding


NAME: Given by Keeper

RACE: Flowbermeow (Nightmare or Dream)

BASIS: Kingdom Hearts




APPEARANCE: Flowbermeows are rotund cats with tiny black paws, symbols on their chests, and spots all over them. They have a small horn on their foreheads, and their tongues are perpetually hanging from their large cheeks. They have tiny tails with flower petals and small round ears as well. The Nightmare Flowbermeows have a white and black color scheme with red eyes and lime green spots. The Dream Flowbermeows have a neon pink and white color scheme with lime green spots and golden eyes. They are rather large, about the size of a husky and quite forceful when running and bouncing at full speed.


PERSONALITY: These lovely servitors want little more than love and affection. They are incredibly snuggly, sweet companions. They don't have a mean streak in their bodies, staying away from violence and confrontation when they can. They are quite grounded, often able to help you stay calm in tense situations.


ABILITIES: Flowbermeows are grounding in presence, often helping to stem the tide that comes with intense emotions. Their cleansing leaves behind the feeling of nature, as if your home is energetically a field of flowers. Green Witches will benefit from their presence, as they lend energy to nature in their area; gardens flourish, trees hold their leaves longer, flowers bloom. They can use any of the inherent properties of the vegetation around them to their advantage; if you have a large herb garden, they can easily help you enhance your work with herbs and plants.


SPELL: When activated, your Flowbermeow functions as a catalyst, borrowing the natural energy around them to empower your spellwork or ritual. They can only hold so much energy for a limited time, so after they have expended this energy - either by returning it or by siphoning all of it into the task at hand - they take a long nap over the course of a few days before they're back to their bubbly, bouncy selves.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Happy Music, Happy Movies, Video Games (Without Gore), Flowers, Fluffy Things, Tuna, Milk, Bouncy Balls, Gardening


PREFERRED VESSEL: Labradorite, Jade, Moss Agate, Emerald