TYPE: Guardian Animatronic Servitor
FUNCTION: Protection, Warding, Banishment, Cleansing, Sentry, Finding Toxic Influences


NAME: Foxy
BASIS: Five Nights At Freddy’s
ELEMENT: Fire, Earth


APPEARANCE: Foxy is a tall animatronic that is a little more run down than the rest of the crew.  He is a red fox, an eyepatch covering his right eye while the golden left eye seems a little defunct.  He has sharp-looking metal teeth, his endoskeleton showing through in rips along his arm, chest, and legs.  He is designed as though he is wearing brown leather pants, his right hand a hook and left hand entirely bared endoskeleton.  His jaw is broken, often leaving him appearing to have his mouth agape.

PERSONALITY: While entirely unable to verbally communicate, it isn't hard to tell that Foxy is a bit of a wild companion.  He is impulsive, and while not liking being watched, he isn't shy.  He doesn't quite understand personal space and will loom fairly close to you if you don't tell him to move away.  He acts quickly out of impulse rather than logic, so generally needs a firm hand to keep him in line.  He can seem a little goofy, though doesn't take well to trespassers and toxic people.

ABILITIES: This animatronic is incredibly attuned to toxic energies.  He is capable of finding any level of these energies and root it out, and upon his first once-over of your space, you may find him scurrying from place to place, letting out robotic screams where he finds negativity.  He is incredibly fast, and if he's running quickly, it's better to follow him and see what's going on rather than let him get to his destination without your knowledge.  He will scream at unknown presences and negative or toxic influences that cling to you.  He is capable of basic banishment and cleansing, though is far more effective in a team of companions that are skilled in these abilities.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Scrap Metal, Wires, Essential Oils, Granite, Carnelian, Foxy Paraphernalia, Painted Rocks, Pirate Imagery, Magnets


PREFERRED VESSEL: Iron, Stainless Steel, Carnelian