TYPE: Guardian Animatronic Servitor
FUNCTION: Protection, Warding, Banishment, Screening & Vetting, Grounding


NAME: Freddy Fazbear
BASIS: Five Nights At Freddy’s


APPEARANCE: Freddy takes the form of a tall animatronic bear.  He is covered with rich chocolate brown fur, his stomach slightly lighter in color.  He wears a black top hat and bowtie, rarely seen without his microphone.  His eyes are a piercing metallic blue, his gaze following everything that moves with a toothy grin.


PERSONALITY:  This animatronic is the most friendly.  While he is not verbal, he offers stiff, animated movements to communicate.  He happily interacts with smaller companions and family members.  He also has a particular connection to children of all kinds.  Whether there are physical or metaphysical children in your home, you'll often find him hovering nearby as a sentry for their protection.


ABILITIES: Freddy is not able to travel, functioning as a single space's sentry.  He can relocate to a new home if you move, but regular journeys can exhaust and confuse him.  He patrols familiar areas, attuning himself to your wards and protections.  If he senses anything remotely suspicious, he will let out a robotic scream, alerting all protective companions that something is off.  He is also able to judge intentions, making him a helpful aide in screening and vetting unbound guests.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Scrap Metal, Wires, Essential Oils, Granite, Freddy Paraphenalia, Tiger's Eye, Picture Jasper, Pumpkins, Bow Ties, Horror Movies, Hats, Synthesia Music, 8-Bit Music


PREFERRED VESSEL: Iron, Stainless Steel, Picture Jasper

Freddy Fazbear