TYPE: Spelled Servitor

FUNCTION: Cleansing, Recycling Energy, Catalyst

NAME: G’huun (GU-hoon)

TITLE: The Blood God

BASIS: World of Warcraft

ENERGY TYPE: Dark-Black Cusp

ELEMENT: Earth, Darkness

APPEARANCE: He is large, though smaller than the other Old Gods. He almost appears as a parasitic slug, his body large and pulsating with bulging pustules and sacs of corruption. Spikes and pustules cover his hunched back and tail, his maw having two different mouths inside of it, one which extends outwards menacingly at times. He has eight sharp legs in front of his large red belly, though he doesn’t use them to further himself in movement and prefers to slide along. His compact form is that of a tall troll with slim, almost anorexic build. His grey skin turns to crimson down his arms and legs, with tribal crimson markings all over his body. He has large tusks and long white hair with glowing red eyes in the form, appearing absolutely feral.

PERSONALITY: G’huun has a passionate need to kill off his hosts. His hosts are often more large than single humans, however. In this form, his views change to needing to destroy corruption and toxicity. He isn’t overly affectionate, and will still whisper to you about your destruction, coaxing you to just accept his ‘gift’ of rot. He isn’t necessarily self-centered, but he doesn’t see anyone as being worthy of his attention unless they can provide something for him. He will still serve his keeper, as he is bound to do so, but will otherwise refrain from being helpful.


ABILITIES: G’huun is able to assess energies intuitively, deciding if they are negative or toxic before he consumes them. He will pull all of the energies on a daily basis that he considers stale, negative, or toxic, and will even start to pull energies from toxic connections you have with other people. There are times where this can result in people feeling drained around you, which is an indicator you can use to determine if you have a toxic connection with that person to assess if you should keep them around.


SPELL: When activated, all of the energies he has pulled from around you will recycle into positive, workable energy for whatever you need it for. It isn’t something he can do daily, and should really be reserved for ritual work or really bad days because it isn’t as good of energy as what you naturally have at your disposal.

SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Obsidian, Labradorite, Bloodstone, Blood, Meat, HP Lovecraft Stories, Ambient Music, Language Learning

G'huun, God of Blood