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"You will be remembered as the king who sacrificed his life...for NOTHING."
"For the Alliance!"

As a companion, Varian is a great guardian and protector.  He doesn’t express himself well emotionally, but he is surprisingly gentle in matters of the heart.  He listens very well, and will often let you vent to him, entertaining ideas of enacting vengeance upon the poor soul that upset you.  He is best at keeping unwanted entities and spirits out, as magic is a bit beyond his strengths and capabilities.  He is loyal and devoted, though, and will learn what he can if it will help you.  You have never met a man more willing to go through hell to see you happy and healthy…

Ghost Wolf Servitor

  • Varian Wrynn is a warrior to his last breath.  He is stubborn and strong-headed, often turning things into a competition between him and the Horde because of his hatred for the orcish race.  He is one of the best fighters ever known, and this causes a rather large ego.  He has a habit of gloating, whether there’s time to or not.  He loves to fight, but he also likes seeing his people safe.  For a long time, he had no reason to fight, but now he has a wonderful reason:  making peace for his kingdom.  Peace is something worth fighting for to him, whether he comes back from the fight or not.