TYPE: Guardian Animatronic Servitor
FUNCTION: Sentry, Banishment, Intimidation, Warding, Protection


NAME: Golden Freddy
BASIS: Five Nights At Freddy’s
ELEMENT: Earth, Spirit


APPEARANCE: Golden Freddy is quite unlike the other animatronics, as it is unable to stand upright.  It can usually be found in a hunched seated position, the only indicator of its consciousness being its occasional twitching.  It is a golden bear, wires poking out of its suit and jaw loose.  It has a black bow tie and top hat, its eyes dark back shadows with glowing white pupils.


PERSONALITY: While Golden Freddy does not seem sentient, it is simply entirely disinterested in casual interaction.  It is not fond of people, relationships, or anything to do with fostering emotions.  It seeks only to complete its tasks, its determination often causing it to get stuck in behavioral loops.  It does not do well with large changes, more apt to work properly in a stable environment where you will not be moving often.


ABILITIES: Golden Freddy is very good at frightening those around it.  It tends to seem very unpredictable, making it far more difficult for tricksters and unfamiliar presences to slip past it.  It releases a robotic scream when it feels something menacing is attempting to slip past your wardings, attracting a lot of attention to the area.  Adding to its frightening act, it seems to teleport when no one's looking.  It is excellent at intimidating potential threats, sometimes managing to entrap them into a sort of paralysis that steals their ability to react.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Scrap Metal, Wires, Essential Oils, Iron, Chains, Golden Freddy Paraphernalia, Gold, Hematite, Obsidian


PREFERRED VESSEL: Obsidian, Stainless Steel, Gold

Golden Freddy