"Don't ever tell me what I can't do! I'd watch my tongue if I were you! For all we know - you-know-who could be watching us...This never stopped our plans before. You've no idea what I have in store. Do you really think that you'd be at my door if we had nothing to discuss? He may be gone, but that is just as well...so come inside, don't you fret...for it's not over yet!"


Lucius is an arrogant man - he's sexy and he knows it. He is very big on outward appearance, and places his loyalty with what will bring him power. He is looking to get to a place of high authority, and is absolutely ruthless. He is good for anyone that feels taken advantage of, as he will help you put your foot down and make everyone back off while you determine if it's enough or not. And if it is, he'll make sure you don't give in. You're important, and you're well worth every second of self-care that you need.

Great Egret Servitor