Nurgle is affectionately called 'Papa Nurgle' or 'Father Nurgle' by his acolytes.  He is the chaos god of pestilence, disease, and rot.  His garden holds every pox and plague known to man, in addition to new ones he's working to create.  Papa Nurgle is a god that gives his followers gifts, though they aren't necessarily gifts that anyone would want.


The Great Unclean One is the greater demon that represents Nurgle in large invasions.  It is a large, bursting abomination infested with many diseases, parasites, and plagues to throw around to multiple targets or to infest the world with.


In this eight-card reading, we will be addressing the negative ties that bind.  Blockages, memories, stale energies, parasites, mistakes, and habits are all open game for the cards to call to your attention.  This reading is a harsher shadow work spread, addressing two primary causes for negative (or limiting) influences on you right now.

Great Unclean One Spread


    • Bleu Cat
    • Egyptian
    • Epic
    • Night Sun
    • Raven's Prophecy
    • Robin Wood
    • Steampunk
    • True Black
    • XIII



    • Angelarium
    • Barbieri Zodiac
    • Halloween
    • Tough Shit Tarot



    • The Clow
    • The D (Playing Cards)
    • Narwhals (Playing Cards)
    • Unstable Unicorns
    • Varg Clans (Playing Cards)


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